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Version 0.1.9
Released on June 24th 2014.
Fixes a bug on restored extra energy. This issue was reported by
`@hest <>`_.
Version 0.1.8
Released on May 13th 2014.
- Adds ``force`` option for :meth:`Energy.use` to use energy even if there is
not enough energy.
- Adds :meth:`Energy.debt`.
(by `@youknowone <>`_)
Version 0.1.7
Released on Nov 5th 2013.
``recovery_quantity`` works. Thanks to `Donggeun Lee <
incl>`_. (commit `c98f348 <
Version 0.1.6
Released on Jan 21st 2013.
``used_at`` parameter is allowed to be a ``datetime`` object or timestamp
Version 0.1.5
Released on Jan 11th 2013.
- Adds :meth:`Energy.recover_fully_in` to calculate seconds to be recovered
fully. It is useful for making push notification.
- Supports Python 3 and Jython.
Version 0.1.4
Released on Dec 17th 2012.
Fixes a bug about the timezone of the default ``time`` argument. The
documentation describes the timezone as UTC but it was a local timezone.
If your server is already using this project and setted with non-UTC timezone,
you should override :func:`timestamp` to use local timezone.
Version 0.1.3
Released on Dec 11th 2012.
- Adds ``future_tolerance`` parameter to be tolerant of using energy at the
future. It is possible if there are several servers.
- Changes a form of pickled :class:`Energy` from ``tuple`` to ``dict``.
- Supports Jython.
Version 0.1.2
Released on Oct 12th 2012.
- Fixes an error when the energy has :attr:`Energy.used_at` before
- Fixes an error when using specific time for :meth:`Energy.use`.
- :class:`Energy` can be compared with number (`<`, `<=`, `>`, `>=`).
Version 0.1.1
Released on Sep 25th 2012.
- Supports the argumented arithmetic assignment (`+=`, `-=`).
- Fixes a calculation error when consuming energy over the maximum.
Version 0.1
First public preview release.