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-Korean -- A library for Korean morphology
-Sometimes you should localize your project to Korean. But common i18n solutions
-such as [Gettext][0] are not working with non Indo-European language well.
-Korean also has many morphological difference. `korean` a Python module
-provides useful Korean morphological functions.
+ // Korean //
- [0]:
+ A library for Korean morphology
-Here is an example for using Korean particle (postposition) formatter:
+ The documentation is available at
->>> from korean import Noun, NumberWord
->>> fmt = u'{subj:은} {obj:을} 먹었다.'
->>> fmt2 = u'{subj:은} 레벨 {level:이} 되었다.'
->>> print fmt.format(subj=Noun(u'나'), obj=Noun(u'밥'))
-나는 밥을 먹었다.
->>> print fmt.format(subj=Noun(u'학생'), obj=Noun(u'돈까스'))
-학생은 돈까스를 먹었다.
->>> print fmt2.format(subj=Noun(u'용사'), level=NumberWord(4))
-용사는 레벨 4가 되었다.
-Do not use "을(를)" anymore.
-Working with Gettext
-It also can be worked with Gettext. Just use `korean.l10n.patch_gettext()`
-msgid ""
-msgstr ""
-"Locale: ko_KR\n"
-"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\n"
-"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
-msgid "I like a {0}."
-msgstr "나는 {0:을} 좋아합니다."
-msgid "banana"
-msgstr "바나나"
-msgid "game"
-msgstr "게임"
->>> from import Translations
->>> import korean
->>> translations = korean.l10n.patch_gettext(Translations.load('i18n', 'ko_KR'))
->>> _ = translations.ugettext
->>> _(u'I like a {0}.').format(_(u'banana'))
-나는 바나나를 좋아합니다.
->>> _(u'I like a {0}.').format(_(u'game'))
-나는 게임을 좋아합니다.
-Proofreading legacy text
-If your legacy already has been written with naive particle such as "을(를)",
-use `korean.l10n.proofread()` fucntion to get correct particles:
->>> import korean
->>> korean.l10n.proofread(u'용사은(는) 검을(를) 획득했다.')
-용사는 검을 획득했다.
->>> korean.l10n.proofread(u'집(으)로 가자.')
-집으로 가자.
+ by Heungsub Lee

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