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Helper commands for working with sublime package assets/preferences. ST3 only.
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Some commands for Sublime Text 3 (NOT 2!) to list shortcut keys / preferences etc in the QuickPanel and navigate to edit location on selection.

2000 Words

How to insert a binding repr in the Quick Panel

Copy from the Default.sublime-keymap.template the last line that contains a multitude of bindings with `insert_binding_repr` and place it in your User keymap.

So how would you insert alt+q? You can think of it like this:

  • PRESS `alt` and hold it down
  • PRESS `=` while thinking PLUS then lift all fingers
  • PRESS `q`

Note that on a standard US keyboard `=` is on the same key as `+` (plus) You can't bind to just a modifier like alt, so plus seems a resaonable key/mnemonic.

In sublime `{"keys": [...]}` terms previous exmaple would be:

  • PRESS `["alt+="]`
  • PRESS `["q"]`

The following bindings show how it works. Note the `expecting_binding_repr_mode` key.

    {"args": {"val": "alt"},
     "command": "insert_binding_repr",
     "context": [{"key": "overlay_visible", "operand": true, "operator": "equal"},
                 {"key": "setting.expecting_binding_repr_mode",
                  "operand": false,
                  "operator": "equal"}],
     "keys": ["alt+="]}
     {"args": {"val": "q"},
      "command": "insert_binding_repr",
      "context": [{"key": "overlay_visible", "operand": true, "operator": "equal"},
                  {"key": "setting.expecting_binding_repr_mode",
                   "operand": true,
                   "operator": "equal"}],
      "keys": ["q"]}

So how would you insert ctrl+alt+q? (In sublime terms)

  • PRESS `ctrl+alt+=`
  • PRESS `q`

Help? You can't insert_binding_repr for down|enter|up ?

Unfortunately, some bindings don't work as the second key due to the quickpanel swallowing them:

  • <enter>
  • <up>
  • <down>
  • and others ...

The workaround is to type the first letter of the key you desire, eg:

  • type `e` for <enter> to insert `alt+e` then type `nter`
  • type `u` for <up> to insert `alt+u` then type `p`
  • type `d` for <down> to insert `alt+d` then type `own`

Command Palette

    { "caption": "Edit Preference: List Settings",         "command": "list_settings"},
    { "caption": "Edit Preference: List Plugins Commands", "command": "list_commands" },
    { "caption": "Edit Preference: List Shortcut Keys",    "command": "list_shortcut_keys"},
    { "caption": "Edit Preference: List Menu Bindings",    "command": "list_menu_bindings"},

    { "caption": "Edit Preference: Theme",
      "command": "edit_package_files",
      "args": {"pref_type": "sublime-theme"}},

    { "caption": "Edit Preference: sublime-completions",
      "command": "edit_package_files",
      "args": {"pref_type": "sublime-completions"}},

    { "caption": "Edit Preference: sublime-build",
      "command": "edit_package_files",
      "args": {"pref_type": "sublime-build"}},

    { "caption": "Edit Preference: sublime-mousemap",
      "command": "edit_package_files",
      "args": {"pref_type": "sublime-mousemap"}},

    { "caption": "Edit Preference: sublime-menu",
      "command": "edit_package_files",
      "args": {"pref_type": "sublime-menu"}},

    { "caption": "Edit Preference: tmTheme|colorscheme",
      "command": "edit_package_files",
      "args": {"pref_type": ".*\\.(tmTheme|stTheme)$"}},

    { "caption": "Edit Preference: tmLanguage|syntax|grammar",
      "command": "edit_package_files",
      "args": {"pref_type": ".*\\.((tm|st)Language)$"}},

    { "caption": "Edit Preference: sublime-commands",
      "command": "edit_package_files",
      "args": {"pref_type": "sublime-commands"}}


Set cyclic tab key for auto complete

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