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  1. sublime-rules sublime-rules Public

    Sublime rules for email attack detection, prevention, and threat hunting.

    YAML 220 44

  2. Public Public API

    280 31

  3. sublime-platform sublime-platform Public

    A free and open platform for detecting and preventing email attacks like BEC, malware, and credential phishing. Gain visibility and control, hunt for advanced threats, collaborate with the communit…

    Shell 145 12

  4. static-files static-files Public

    A collection of static files maintained by the Sublime team, primarily used for phishing defense.

    79 22

  5. sublime-cli sublime-cli Public

    A command-line tool and module for the free Sublime Analysis API

    Python 11 1

  6. Public

    Python3 interface for the EmailRep API

    Python 45 15


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