putting linewise text into a register is broken at EOF #100

misfo opened this Issue Mar 28, 2012 · 1 comment


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misfo commented Mar 28, 2012

For example, in a file with just the text abc (no newline), yyp should result in the file:


Since there's no newline in the original file, there has to be a special case to add the newline into the register with the yanked text.

sheam commented Jun 13, 2012

Perhaps this is a bug with dd, not p. As dd does not seem to yank the newline character sometimes.

Consider the following text (numerals at beginning are not part of text, but only for illustration):

1. line one
2. line two

Put cursor on line 2, and then dd. You are left with

1. line one

Line 2 does not get fully deleted, just cleared, as if pressing D at beginning of line in normal mode.

Or should I file a seperate issue for this?

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