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no changes or errors after enabling vintage mode on win 7 32bit with ST2 #182

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Hi, following the instructions here I enabled vintage mode but don't see "insert" in the status bar. Nothing changes and there are no errors or messages. If anything is happening it is behind the scene. ST is behaving normal as if I didn't enable vintage.

I assumed it works on windows because of the reference to key bindings at the bottom of the instruction page but other than that don't know if it is even supposed to run on windows. If it is, is there anything else I need to do like have cygwin vi installed?



did you save the file?


I'm using Sublime Text 2, Version 2.0.1, Build 2217 on both of my Win7x64 machines, and after removing "Vintage" from the ignored packages, saving, and restarting ST, I am getting the same behavior as isimmons.
Edit: Upgraded to 2.0.2 and still the same behavior


Upon saving (without restarting) I get the change immediately.

How about:

  • Preferences -> Settings - User
  • fill in

        "ignored_packages": ["Vintage"]
  • save

@rctay sorry I didn't realize you had responded. At the time yes I saved the file. But since then I have done a clean install of windows 7 pro 64bit. At the time I was on 32bit. So I also have a clean install of sublimetext2 latest version and when I remove "Vintage" from the ignored packages it works instantly without restart. I see "Insert mode" now. So I couldn't reliably reproduce the error or even start to guess what was causing it since I'm on a new system.

@Robert-Wett I'm now on version 2.0.2 build 2221 if it's any help to you.


Changing from 32-bit to 64-bit versions did the trick for me as well!

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