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There should be a block selection mode when pressing Ctrl+V #74

maelp opened this Issue · 15 comments

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The block selection mode of Vim is very practical to make multiple-line insertions or modifications :)


In my experience Vim's block selection is useful in a subset of the case for which Sublime's multiple selection is useful (i.e. multiple selection is more powerful). So I'm more than happy having multiple selection instead. Thoughts?


@misfo, I don't think ST has a true block selection? Vertical selections that are smaller than whole lines will necessarily be multiple selections. I'm fine with this.


  • CTRL-V
  • 2j

...would yield three selections starting at the same column. Further horizontal movement should then work as in multiple selections. Further vertical movement should add/subtract selections.

Is that what you mean?


I think that could work. I'm just not sure it would provide much advantage over just using the existing multiple selection functionality with Vintage mode


Meaning Ctrl+D and Ctrl+U only? I would certainly like to be able to extend/shrink the selection vertically with j/k instead of Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Down. TBH, I've tried to implement this already, but I gave up after a couple of attempts.


+1 for this, as a VIM user Visual Block mode is engrained into my head, not having it is a deal breaker for me


I agree that Ctrl+V should do a block selection rather than paste in vim-mode (where people paste with p and P).

@MitchellMcKenna : An easy workaround is to use "wv" instead of ctrl+v, which select the next word. More often than not, I was doing ctrl+v ww or something similar, so by not having the block selection, I make my selection more accurate the first time : )


+1 want ctrl+v to be vertical selction


vote for it!


+1 for this too




+1 (this is currently my only reason for not switching to Sublime)


@Yakubovich Have you tried Vintageous (on GH too)?


@guillermooo thanks, that works for me!

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