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Sublime Text - Core - Bug and Issue Tracker

The issue list

Head straight to for a list of all issues or click Issues in the navigation bar on the almost-top.

Use Github's reactions feature to vote on issues. Simple "+1" comments with no further content will be deleted without notice.

Before creating a new issue

  • This tracker is for issues with the Sublime Text Core only.

    This includes packages providing core functionality, such as Default or Color Scheme - Default, but excludes packages providing support for syntaxes/languages.

    For language-specific issues with the "Default Packages" (which handle syntax highlighting and other language-related things), refer to the Default Packages repository.

  • Search for the issue here to check if it was already reported. You may use labels for filtering the issue list by clicking any of these related to the problem you want to report or request.

Filing a bug

  1. Start with a descriptive but concise subject that quickly and uniquely identifies the problem.
  • Write a summary of the problem in a few lines, giving an idea of what the issue is about.

  • Then, describe the bug with all the information you can give. Be sure to include the following information:

    • Operating System
    • The version of Sublime Text that you're using
    • Any related software which may cause ST to act strangely
    • If relevant, does the bug occur with no packages installed / with ST in a reverted/clean state?

    Also keep in mind to clearly separate fact from speculation.

  • Try to find a way to reproduce the problem and write down precise steps. It might be useful to include a code example for this.

  • Workarounds or other related tips on how to avoid the issue are welcome.

We won't slaughter you if you can't fulfill all of these steps, but prepare to answer a few questions if we think we're lacking information.

If you want to be really good at reporting bugs, you can also read these guidelines for bugzilla bugs.

Filing an enhancement or a feature request

  1. Start with a descriptive but concise subject that quickly and uniquely identifies the issue.
  • Explain briefly what the enhancement is and why you think it would be useful.
  • Provide any other necessary or useful information regarding your issue, such as (code) examples or related links.

Note: "enhancements" are modifications to existing behavior as opposed to something entirely new.

This bug tracker was initiated by the community and has since been adopted by Sublime Hq.


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