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CSS, SCSS, LESS support for Sublime's LSP plugin provided through VS Code's CSS language server.


  • Install LSP and LSP-css from Package Control. If you use Sass install Sass. If you use Less install LESS.
  • Restart Sublime.


There are some ways to configure the package and the language server.

  • From Preferences > Package Settings > LSP > Servers > LSP-css
  • From the command palette Preferences: LSP-css Settings


  • I'm getting duplicate suggestions in the completion popup.

    Sublime Text comes with a plugin that provides completions for the CSS and HTML syntaxes. This results in duplicate completions when using this package.

    To disable ST's built-in completions for CSS syntax, for example:

    • open any CSS file
    • run Preferences: Settings - Syntax Specific from the Command Pallete
    • add "disable_default_completions": true in the view on the right

    Repeat for other syntaxes that provide built-in completions. Same applies to third-party SASS package that provides SASS and SCSS support.

  • The server exited with status code 1.

    It's probably that the node executable on your system is outdated. This plugin requires v14 as of version 1.0.9. If your OS is incapable of using Node v14 like Windows 7, you can

    • either download and use 1.0.8 manually.
    • or if you want to try the hard way, you can use Node v14 on Windows 7 on your own risk. See nodejs/node#33000 (comment).