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Convenience package with a lua language server bundled


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A language client for Lua. This package will download and unpack the lua-language-server in $DATA/Package Storage/LSP-lua.

To use this package, you must have:

  • The LSP package.

Applicable Selectors

This language server operates on files with the source.lua base scope.


Run Preferences: LSP-lua Settings from the Command Palette.


You can make this language server report documentation in English or Chinese. The default is English. To change it into Chinese, run the command Preferences: LSP-lua Settings and change the "locale" key.

Popup highlighting

The code blocks that this language server returns are not valid Lua code. Consequently the built-in syntax highlighter marks most code blocks as invalid. Set

    "mdpopups.use_sublime_highlighter": false,

in Packages/User/Preferences.sublime-settings to use pygments instead, which is a highlighter that is more forgiving.

Disabling Diagnostics via Code Actions

This language server allows you to disable diagnostics by means of a Code Action. You can run the "Code Action" and the client (this package) is supposed to modify the settings to add or remove the unwanted diagnostic. This package implements that by editing your .sublime-project file. So in order for this to work, you need to have your window be backed by a .sublime-project file. Learn more about projects here.