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Stylelint support for Sublime's LSP plugin using Stylelint server.

  • Install LSP and LSP-stylelint from Package Control. If you use Sass or SCSS, install Sass. If you use Less, install LESS.
  • Restart Sublime.


Configure the Stylelint language server by accessing Preferences > Package Settings > LSP > Servers > LSP-stylelint.


Q: I'm using Stylelint 13 in my project and the package is telling me that it's no longer supported.

A: Please update Stylelint to version 14 by following the migration guide.

Q: How to enable Stylelint to automatically fix issues on saving the file?

A: Open Preferences: LSP Settings from the command palette and add or modify the following setting:

  "lsp_code_actions_on_save": {
    "source.fixAll.stylelint": true,