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This is a helper package that automatically installs and updates the Volar Language Server for you.

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Open the configuration file using Command Palette with Preferences: LSP-volar Settings command or opening it from the Sublime menu (Preferences > Package Settings > LSP > Servers > LSP-volar).

Enable for non-Vue files

Allow LSP-volar to start in *.ts | *.tsx | *.js | *.jsx files.

Warning Don't use this unless you really have a specific reason. It provides worse experience than LSP-typescript in .js/.ts files due to not receiving diagnostic updates on modifying related files. Also it's missing some features of LSP-typescript. See related issue: vuejs/language-tools#3229

Per project:

Create a sublime project file with the following contents:

            "path": "."
    "settings": {
        "LSP": {
            "LSP-volar": {
                "selector": "text.html.vue | source.ts | source.tsx | source.js | source.jsx"
            "LSP-typescript": {
                "enabled": false


From the Command Palette select Preferences: LSP-volar Settings and paste the following:

// Settings in here override those in "LSP-volar/LSP-volar.sublime-settings"

    "selector": "text.html.vue | source.ts | source.tsx | source.js | source.jsx"

NOTE: When enabling LSP-volar for non-Vue files, it is advisable to disable the LSP-typescript package to avoid showing duplicate results.


Package provides a few commands in the Command Palette that can be useful for debugging Volar issues.

LSP-volar (Debug): Show Virtual Files

Shows a tree view of all internal virtual files associated with the currently opened vue file and allows for seeing their contents.

LSP-volar (Debug): Write Virtual Files

Writes all internal virtual files to disk. The files will be created alongside the original vue files that Volar has loaded internally. This can also include vue files within node_modules. Those files can be useful in figuring out why there are type issues in vue files that maybe are due to a Volar bug.

Note Type-checking those genearated .ts files using LSP-typescript is not equivalent to what LSP-volar does as Volar does some internal Vue type augmentations that LSP-typescript does not do. To get a more relevant type checking when inspecting those files it's recommended to disable LSP-typescript and enable LSP-volar for TS files instead. Check Enable for non-Vue files section.

Note If there are many vue files in the project then a lot of files can be created by this command and those could be a bit tiresome to clean up later. In a git-tracked project you might want to use git clean -fx to remove all untracked files. Just make sure you don't have any useful untracked files.

Inlay hints

Inlay hints are short textual annotations that show parameter names, type hints.


To enable inlay hints:

  1. Open the command palette and select Preferences: LSP Settings, then enable show_inlay_hints:
    "show_inlay_hints": true
  1. Modify the following settings through Preferences: LSP-volar Settings:
  "settings": {
    // javascript inlay hints options.
    "javascript.inlayHints.enumMemberValues.enabled": false,
    "javascript.inlayHints.functionLikeReturnTypes.enabled": false,
    "javascript.inlayHints.parameterNames.enabled": "none",
    "javascript.inlayHints.parameterNames.suppressWhenArgumentMatchesName": false,
    "javascript.inlayHints.parameterTypes.enabled": false,
    "javascript.inlayHints.propertyDeclarationTypes.enabled": false,
    "javascript.inlayHints.variableTypes.enabled": false,
    // typescript inlay hints options.
    "typescript.inlayHints.enumMemberValues.enabled": false,
    "typescript.inlayHints.functionLikeReturnTypes.enabled": false,
    "typescript.inlayHints.parameterNames.enabled": "none",
    "typescript.inlayHints.parameterNames.suppressWhenArgumentMatchesName": false,
    "typescript.inlayHints.parameterTypes.enabled": false,
    "typescript.inlayHints.propertyDeclarationTypes.enabled": false,
    "typescript.inlayHints.variableTypes.enabled": false,

NOTE: Inlay hints require TypeScript 4.4+.

Vue 2 support

Please see Volar's Installation for setup instructions.