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Sublime Text Community Documentation

We started this project to fill the gaps in the Sublime Text official documentation.

Read this guide online for free.

You can follow our progress here and on our public Trello board.

Huge thanks to all our backers from our fundraiser in 2014 on BountySource!


This guide is hosted on Github Pages and built with Vuepress. We use Git LFS (large file storage) for larger artifacts embedded in the guide, such as videos.

We accept error reports and requests for new content via our issue tracker, and encourage you to send pull requests (but we cannot guarantee they will be merged).

Please follow our style guidelines as described in

This repository includes a .sublime-project with predefined settings and helpful build systems.

Building (HTML Preview)

In order to build and preview the docs, you'll need yarn.

  1. Install Yarn.
  2. Run:
    • yarn
    • yarn dev