Command-line internet radio player for the Raspberry Pi
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README - Internet Radio Player for the Raspberry Pi


Command-line internet radio player using the <>
website and omxd for playback. See <>.

It's an interactive command-line program. You can chose station by genre; builds a statistics of your favourites, and you can chose from those too.

Chosing a station does not start playback automatically,
as there are many options. See commands I H J i a A below.


 ?	help

 q	Radio off and Quit
 d	leave raDio on and quit, same as Ctrl-D (EOF)

 f	Featured stations list
 g	choose Genre
 m	My stations
 l	Last used list of stations

 I	play now
 H	play now on HDMI
 J	play now on Jack
 i	Insert to omxd playlist at current position and play now
 a	Add to omxd playlist after current position
 A	Add to end of omxd playlist

 h	change to HDMI output
 j	change to stereo Jack output
 p	Play/Pause
 s	Show what's playing


 ~/	List of My stations

## INSTALL was written in Perl, uses curl, stty and the following modules:
Data::Dumper for the config file and Term::ANSIColor for that fancy prompt.

Install omxd first: see

Then install
 sudo apt-get install curl
 sudo make install


(c) SZABO Gergely <>, GNU GPL v2