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* (c) SZABO Gergely, 2009
* Free software, distributed under the GNU GPL v3 license
* There is absolutely no warranty.
#ifndef __tNum
#define __tNum
#define T_NATURAL 0
#define T_SIGNED 1
#define T_FLOAT 2
#define BASE_NA 0
struct tNum {
union {
unsigned int n;
int s;
float f;
} val;
char type;
char base;
void tNum2type (struct tNum *this, char type);
void tNumMatchType (struct tNum *this, struct tNum *that);
struct tNum tNumOpIn (struct tNum src1, char op, struct tNum src2);
struct tNum tNumOpPre(char op, struct tNum src);
int tNumParse (struct tNum *this, char *yytext);
void tNumPrint (struct tNum *this, int num, int prompt, char base);
#define tNumDisplay(this,num,prompt) tNumPrint(this,num,prompt,BASE_NA)
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