Say hi to your friends by creating (empty) Network Shares in Finder via Bonjour
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Say hi to your friends through Bonjour by creating (empty) Remote Shares in their Finder.


  1. Install Go by downloading a package or on OS X with Homebrew like brew install go (or for the beta, brew install --devel go). You might have to open a new shell to get the env variables you need.
  2. Get bonjourno: go get -v
  3. Try running bonjourno. If it didn't find it, you probably don't have $GOPATH/bin in your path, so just run it from there: $GOPATH/bin/bonjourno


Bonjourno has several ways of combining where to get data, how to interpret it, and how to go through it.

Data Source

  1. Just say something straight in the command line: bonjourno This will show up in Finder
  2. Point it to a file: bonjourno --file=messages.txt
  3. Point it to a url: bonjourno --url=''

Data Format

  1. The default is to make every line a message, just keeping the first 40 characters.
  2. Instead of lines, go through all the text in the data, in groups of words < 20 characters: bonjourno --file=essay.txt --words
  3. Grab fields from CSV data by specified the index of the field: bonjourno --file=data.csv --csv-field=2


  1. By default, it will sequentially go through the messages in order.
  2. You can randomize the order: bonjourno --file=messages.txt --random


  1. You can prefix messages, for ex to keep them at the top of the list: bonjourno --file=messages.txt --prefix='1-'
  2. Specify how frequently messages should change: bonjourno --file=messages.txt --interval=10s
  3. Lower, upper, or mixed case: bonjourno --file=messages.txt --mixed-case
  4. £ëet §pëak: bonjourno --file=messages.txt --l33t


  1. ALL CAP COMPANIES NAMES FROM CRUNCHBASE: bonjourno --upper-case --csv-field=0 --interval=10s --random --url=''
  2. mIxED cAsE rAnDOm cOuNTrIEs: bonjourno --mixed-case --csv-field=1 --interval=10s --random --url=''
  3. ¢¤mp^η1es £1steÐ 1n †he New Yo®k St¤ck EЖ¢han9e: bonjourno --l33t --csv-field=1 --interval=10s --random --url=''


Run with --help for usage. If you have problems, open an Issue.