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A library to provide reverse engineering of the existing SharePoint sites into SPMeta2 models.

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SPMeta2.Reverse in details

SPMeta2.Reverse provides a simple API to generate SPMeta2 models from the existing SharePoint sites. As easy as that. We are aiming to reverse engineer O365, SharePoint 2016/2013 web sites and generate a valid, redeployable SPMeta2 model. As always, full regression testing, nice coverage for the SharePoint atrifact and friendly support is included.

As for the API, that's how we see it happening:

// SharePoint CSOM context - O365/SP2016/SP2013
var context = ..; 

// create the magic reverse service
var service = new CSOMReverseService();

// reverse the SharePoint site and web into M2 model
var siteModelResult = service.ReverseSiteModel(context, ReverseOptions.Default);
var webModelResult = service.ReverseWebModel(context, ReverseOptions.Default);

// here we go, your M2 models backed for you
// deploy later to other SharePoint site, farm or serialize and keep it for the future
var siteModel = siteModelResult.Model;
var webModel = webModelResult.Model;

Stay tuned, releasing fiest versions Feb, 2016.

Feature requests, support and contributions

In case you have unexpected issues or keen to see new features please contact support on SPMeta2 Yammer or here at github:

Current coverage support per definition

Detailed coverage report

  • BooleanFieldDefinition
  • ChoiceFieldDefinition
  • ContentTypeDefinition
  • ContentTypeFieldLinkDefinition
  • ContentTypeLinkDefinition
  • CurrencyFieldDefinition
  • DateTimeFieldDefinition
  • FeatureDefinition
  • FieldDefinition
  • FolderDefinition
  • GeolocationFieldDefinition
  • GuidFieldDefinition
  • HTMLFieldDefinition
  • ImageFieldDefinition
  • LinkFieldDefinition
  • ListDefinition
  • ListViewDefinition
  • LookupFieldDefinition
  • MasterPageDefinition
  • MediaFieldDefinition
  • ModuleFileDefinition
  • MultiChoiceFieldDefinition
  • NoteFieldDefinition
  • NumberFieldDefinition
  • OutcomeChoiceFieldDefinition
  • PropertyDefinition
  • QuickLaunchNavigationNodeDefinition
  • SandboxSolutionDefinition
  • SecurityGroupDefinition
  • SecurityRoleDefinition
  • SummaryLinkFieldDefinition
  • TaxonomyFieldDefinition
  • TaxonomyTermDefinition
  • TaxonomyTermGroupDefinition
  • TaxonomyTermSetDefinition
  • TaxonomyTermStoreDefinition
  • TextFieldDefinition
  • TopNavigationNodeDefinition
  • UniqueContentTypeFieldsOrderDefinition
  • URLFieldDefinition
  • UserCustomActionDefinition
  • UserFieldDefinition
  • WebDefinition
  • WebPartPageDefinition
  • WelcomePageDefinition
  • WikiPageDefinition


A library to provide reverse engineering of the existing SharePoint sites into SPMeta2 models




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