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JavaScript for creating dynamic buttons that enable PayPal checkout
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HTML payment buttons

Integrating with our HTML payment buttons are as easy as including a snippet of code. Try it out and configure your own.

We have two flavors of buttons for you to use:

Buy Now

Buy Now buttons are for single item purchases.

<script src="paypal-button.min.js?merchant=YOUR_MERCHANT_ID"
    data-name="My product"

Add To Cart

Add To Cart buttons lets users add multiple items to their PayPal cart.

<script src="paypal-button-minicart.min.js?merchant=YOUR_MERCHANT_ID"
    data-name="Product in your cart"

QR Codes

QR codes which can be scanned with a smart phone can also be easily generated.

<script src="paypal-button.min.js?merchant=YOUR_MERCHANT_ID"
    data-name="Product via QR code"

Button variables

All of PayPal's HTML button variables are supported by prefixing their name with "data-". Here are the most commonly used:

  • data-name Description of the item.
  • data-number The number of the item.
  • data-amount The price of the item.
  • data-quantity Quantity of items to purchase.
  • data-shipping The cost of shipping this item.
  • data-tax Transaction-based tax override variable.
  • data-size For button images: small and large work. For QR codes enter the pixel length of the longest side.
  • data-id The hosted ID of the button (if applicable).

Getting your Merchant ID

Your merchant ID needs to be added to the URL of the referenced script. This ID can either be your Secure Merchant ID, which can be found by logging into your PayPal account and visiting your profile, or your email address.


To download the production-ready JavaScript you'll need to save one of these files:

The first file gives you support for PayPal's JavaScript buttons. The second file has the same code from the first, but also contains functionality for the PayPal Mini Cart.

To see the un-minified code you can take a peek at paypal-button.js.

JavaScript API

There's even a fancy JavaScript API if you'd like to pragmatically create your buttons.

PAYPAL.apps.ButtonFactory.create(data, type, parentNode)
Creates and returns an HTML element that contains the button code.

data - A JavaScript object containing the button variables
type - The button type, e.g. "buynow", "cart", "qr"
parentNode - An HTML element to add the newly created button to (Optional)

Browser support

The JavaScript buttons have been tested and work in all modern browsers including:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 7+.

Contributing Build Status

We love contributions! If you'd like to contribute please submit a pull request via Github.

Mocha is used to run our test cases. Please be sure to run these prior to your pull request and ensure nothing is broken.


Jeff Harrell

Mark Stuart

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