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Crash on file descriptor related error #23

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When fielding requests, bouncy crashes sporadically with the following error:

        self.fd = socket(self.type);
Error: EMFILE, Too many open files
    at net.js:722:19
    at Object.lookup (dns.js:153:45)
    at Socket.connect (net.js:716:20)
    at Object.createConnection (net.js:265:5)
    at /Users/matt/Development/vayafeliz.node/node_modules/bouncy/lib/parse_args.js:47:31
    at /Users/matt/Development/vayafeliz.node/node_modules/bouncy/index.js:72:20
    at /Users/matt/Development/vayafeliz.node/proxy.js:27:7
    at IncomingMessage.onHeaders (/Users/matt/Development/vayafeliz.node/node_modules/bouncy/index.js:55:13)
    at IncomingMessage.emit (events.js:64:17)
    at Parser.<anonymous> (/Users/matt/Development/vayafeliz.node/node_modules/bouncy/node_modules/parsley/lib/modes.js:135:21)

This gist contains my bouncy proxy code:


Try setting {headers: {Connection: 'close'}} in opts for bounce


Perhaps try increasing maximum number of open file descriptors for the processes' user, as a socket is a file descriptor

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