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Set and get cookies in the browser or in node with document.

In your browser code with browserify:

var cookie = require('cookie-cutter');
var times = parseInt(cookie.get('times'), 10) || 0;
cookie.set('times', times + 1);

and times will increment every time the page is reloaded.


var cookie = require('cookie-cutter');


Return a new cookie object with .get() and .set() operating on document.

document.cookie should be a non-referentially transparent setter/getter combo like the DOM's variant where assignment with optional path and expiry creates a new cookie in the getter as a key=value pair.


Return the cookie value for key.

cookie.set(key, value, opts={})

Set the cookie at key to value with optional parameters expires and path.

To unset a cookie, use a date in the past, ex: { expires: new Date(0) }


With npm do:

npm install cookie-cutter