Minor bug when using dnode synchronously #108

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ashtuchkin commented Sep 8, 2012

When both client and server are in one process (scenario: unit tests), there could be several callbacks back-and-fourth synchronously through the dnode. After 2-3 callbacks, the dnode stops responding.

I tracked down the error (see https://github.com/substack/dnode/blob/master/lib/dnode.js#L126) -
the self._line variable should be cleaned before calling self.handle(row), because inside that fn we could eventually call dnode.write again and this would append new json to the uncleaned self._line, which will break JSON.parse. Also, it would be great to emit the json.parse error, because now the stream just ends without any indication of error.

TL;DR - lines 126 and 127 should be swapped.

Current code:

dnode.prototype.write = function (buf) {
        for (var i = 0; i < buf.length; i++) {
            if (buf.charCodeAt(i) === 0x0a) {
                try { row = json.parse(self._line) }
                catch (err) { return self.end() }

                self._line = '';
            else self._line += buf.charAt(i)

substack commented Mar 1, 2013

Thanks for tracking this down and fixing it! Sorry for the delay.

substack closed this Mar 1, 2013

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