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Command an armada of processes in a cluster.

status: not quite ready yet

This module ties together seaport, pushover, propagit, and bouncy in order to make pushing new code to a whole cluster at once seemless and low-risk.


In a fresh directory, start a fleet hub:

$ fleet hub --port=7000 --secret=beepboop

in another fresh directory on another machine, start up one or more drones:

$ fleet drone --hub=localhost:7000 --secret=beepboop

now from a git repo, deploy your code to the drones:

$ cd webapp
$ fleet deploy --hub=localhost:7000 --secret=beepboop
deployed webapp/2fd8906c77e93d209362531ed0c9c4a7de88bb88

from the same git repo, spawn a service on the drones:

$ fleet spawn --hub=localhost:7000 --secret=beepboop -- node server.js


fleet remote

fleet hub

fleet drone

fleet deploy

From a git directory, push the top commit from git log and check out the code on all the drones in an isolated directory based on the commit hash.

fleet list

fleet monitor

fleet router

fleet spawn

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