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fleet-remote(1) -- manage the set of remote fleet hubs


fleet remote add <name> [<options>]
fleet remote rm <name>
fleet remote ls


This command will create and update a file called fleet.json in your git project root so that you don't need to type --hub and --secret all the time.


fleet remote add <name> [<options>]

Add a remote named <name> to store the parameters from <options>.

<options> can include:

  • hub - where the fleet hub is running as a "host:port" string
  • secret - the plaintext password to use for authentication
  • env.<name> - Set environment variables to use with spawn and exec

Example usage:

fleet remote add default --hub= --secret=rawr

Add remote with environment variables:

fleet remote add default --hub= --secret=rawr --env.FOO=3 --env.BAR=kapow

fleet remote rm <name>

Delete a remote named <name>.

fleet remote ls

List all the remotes from the fleet.json.

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