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fleet-stop(1) -- Stop processes running on drones.


fleet stop [<options>] <id0> [<id1>, <id2>...]


Stop processes. Get each id by running fleet ps. It doesn't matter which drone the process is running on, fleet spams the request out to all the drones and ignores the request if the drone doesn't have the requested process id.

Leading 'pid#' strings are ignored on ids so you can more easily copy the pids from fleet ps output.


If you haven't set a remote with fleet remote, you'll need to specify these options:

  • hub - location of the hub as a "host:port" string
  • secret - optional passphrase to connect to the hub


To stop 2 processes 1e99f4 and d7048a, just do:

$ fleet stop 1e99f4 d7048a
[3dfe17b8] stopped 1e99f4 d7048a
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