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fleet-exec(1) -- Run commands on drones.


fleet exec [<options>] -- [<command>...]


Execute <command> on a drone and print the output of the command to the local terminal.

Unlike fleet spawn, this command does not restart the process when it exits.

Your spawned process will get the $REPO name, $COMMIT hash, $DRONE_ID, and $PROCESS_ID as environment variables from propagit.


  • drone - Specify a drone to connect to by its drone ID. You can specify '*' to exec a command on all the drones.
  • env.<name> - Set environment variables for the commands.
  • commit - Spawn the command on a specific deployed commit. Defaults to the latest commit.
  • repo - Execute the command under this repo name. Defaults to the closest directory name with a .git/ in it.

If you haven't set a remote with fleet remote, you'll need to specify these options:

  • hub - location of the hub as a "host:port" string
  • secret - optional passphrase to connect to the hub