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+fleet-exec(1) -- Run commands on drones.
+ fleet exec [<options>] -- [<command>...]
+Execute `<command>` on a drone and print the output of the command to the local
+Unlike `fleet spawn`, this command does not restart the process when
+it exits.
+Your spawned process will get the `$REPO` name, `$COMMIT` hash, `$DRONE_ID`, and
+`$PROCESS_ID` as environment variables from propagit.
+* drone - Specify a drone to connect to by its drone ID. You can specify `'*'`
+ to exec a command on all the drones.
+* env.`<name>` - Set environment variables for the commands.
+* commit - Spawn the command on a specific deployed commit.
+ Defaults to the latest commit.
+* repo - Execute the command under this repo name.
+ Defaults to the closest directory name with a `.git/` in it.
+If you haven't set a remote with `fleet remote`, you'll need to specify these
+* hub - location of the hub as a "host:port" string
+* secret - optional passphrase to connect to the hub

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