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abrkn commented May 27, 2012
PS C:\Users\Andy\git\striim> fleet deploy
Everything up-to-date

[5662dd1f] already at latest
PS C:\Users\Andy\git\striim> fleet exec -- echo "Works"
[5662dd1f#cfde1e] Works
(5662dd1f#cfde1e exited)
PS C:\Users\Andy\git\striim>
  • changed path manipulations (split, join) to work with windows paths c:\folder/folder\folder
  • replaced the bash scripts with node scripts (some dirty argv manipulations in the bin folder to avoid refactoring)
  • changed script format in package.json from "bin/file.ext" to "./bin/file.ext" to make npm's windows batch file generator happy
  • couldn't figure out how to do fleet exec node dogs.js --bark=yes without having optimist steal the bark option, so i added *--
Andreas Brekken and others added some commits May 27, 2012
contra commented Dec 10, 2012

+1 to this - looking to use this to deploy .NET apps on windows systems

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