abstract-blob-store compatible IndexedDB wrapper
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abstract-blob-store compatible IndexedDB wrapper



var store = require('idb-blob-store');
var blob = store();

blob.createWriteStream({ key: 'cool' }).end('beans', readback);

function readback () {
    blob.createReadStream({ key: 'cool' }).on('data', ondata);
    function ondata (buf) {


var store = require('idb-blob-store')

var blob = store(opts)

Create a new blob store.

opts.name defaults to idb-blob-store. opts.indexedDB and opts.IDBKeyRange both default to respective browser implementations.

blob.createWriteStream(opts, cb)

Create a new blob at opts.key of chunks of size opts.size.

opts.size defaults to 16384.


Create a read stream for the chunks at opts.key.

blob.exists(opts, cb)

Check if opts.key exists with cb(err, exists).

blob.remove(opts, cb)

Remove the key at opts.key.

internal methods

These internal methods are intended to be used by wrapper modules and will track in semver. User code should probably not use these.

blob._store(mode, cb)

Create a transaction in mode ('readonly' or 'readwrite'), returning the objectStore in cb(err, store).

blob._put(key, value, cb)

Put a key with a value.

blob._get(key, cb)

Get the value of some key in cb(err, value).

blob._del(key, cb)

Remove the value at key.