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1 parent dcbdfd3 commit b8e470fa45ba2648323b09a747ff8d360bbddd23 @tmpvar tmpvar committed Sep 25, 2011
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12 changelog
@@ -1,11 +1,21 @@
+ * Fix: serialize special characters in Element.textContent/Element.attributes like a grade A browser (Jason Priestley)
+ * Fix: ensure Element.getElementById only returns elements that are attached to the document
+ * Fix: ensure an Element's id is updated when changing the nodeValue of the 'id' attribute (Felix Gnass)
+ * Add: stacktrace to error reporter (Josh Marshall)
+ * Fix: events now bubble up to the window (Jason Davies)
+ * Add: initial window.location.hash support (Josh Marshall)
+ * Add: Node#insertBefore should do nothing when both params are the same node (Jason Davies)
+ * Add: fixes for DOMAttrModified mutation events (Felix Gnass)
* Fix: adding script to invalid/incomplete dom (document.documentElement) now catches the error and passes it in the `.env` callback (Gregory Tomlinson)
* Cleanup: trigger and html tests
* Add: support for inline event handlers (ie: <div onclick='some.horrible.string()'>) (Brian McDaniel)
* Fix: script loading over https (Brian McDaniel) #280
* Add: using style.setProperty updates the style attribute (Jimmy Mabey).
* Add: invalid markup is reported as an error and attached to the associated element and document
- * FIX: crash when setChild() failes to create new DOM element (John Hurliman)
+ * Fix: crash when setChild() failes to create new DOM element (John Hurliman)
* Added test for issue #287.
* Added support for inline event handlers.
* Moved frame tests to test/window/frame.js and cleaned up formatting.
2 package.json
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
"name": "jsdom",
- "version": "0.2.4",
+ "version": "0.2.5",
"description": "A javascript implementation of the W3C DOM",
"keywords": [

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