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version 0.5.0 (released xxxx-xx-xx)
* Added ssh_ prefix to all functions.
* Added complete Windows support.
* Added improved server support.
* Added unit tests for a lot of functions.
* Added asynchronous service request.
* Added a multiplatform ssh_getpass() function.
* Added a tutorial.
* Added a lot of documentation.
version 0.4.8 (released 2011-01-15)
* Fixed memory leaks in session signing.
* Fixed memory leak in ssh_print_hexa.
* Fixed problem with ssh_connect w/ timeout and fd > 1024.
* Fixed some warnings on OS/2.
* Fixed installation path for OS/2.
version 0.4.7 (released 2010-12-28)
* Fixed a possible memory leak in ssh_get_user_home().
* Fixed a memory leak in sftp_xstat.
* Fixed uninitialized fd->revents member.
* Fixed timout value in ssh_channel_accept().
* Fixed length checks in ssh_analyze_banner().
* Fixed a possible data overread and crash bug.
* Fixed setting max_fd which breaks ssh_select().
* Fixed some pedantic build warnings.
* Fixed a memory leak with session->bindaddr.
version 0.4.6 (released 2010-09-03)
* Added a cleanup function to free the ws2_32 library.
* Fixed build with gcc 3.4.
* Fixed the Windows build on Vista and newer.
* Fixed the usage of WSAPoll() on Windows.
* Fixed "@deprecated" in doxygen
* Fixed some mingw warnings.
* Fixed handling of opened channels.
* Fixed keepalive problem on older openssh servers.
* Fixed testing for big endian on Windows.
* Fixed the Windows preprocessor macros and defines.
version 0.4.5 (released 2010-07-13)
* Added option to bind a client to an ip address.
* Fixed the ssh socket polling function.
* Fixed Windows related bugs in bsd_poll().
* Fixed serveral build warnings.
version 0.4.4 (released 2010-06-01)
* Fixed a bug in the expand function for escape sequences.
* Fixed a bug in the tilde expand function.
* Fixed a bug in setting the options.
version 0.4.3 (released 2010-05-18)
* Added global/keepalive responses.
* Added runtime detection of WSAPoll().
* Added a select(2) based poll-emulation if poll(2) is not available.
* Added a function to expand an escaped string.
* Added a function to expand the tilde from a path.
* Added a proxycommand support.
* Added ssh_privatekey_type public function
* Added the possibility to define _OPENSSL_DIR and _ZLIB_DIR.
* Fixed sftp_chown.
* Fixed sftp_rename on protocol version 3.
* Fixed a blocking bug in channel_poll.
* Fixed config parsing wich has overwritten user specified values.
* Fixed hashed [host]:port format in knownhosts
* Fixed Windows build.
* Fixed doublefree happening after a negociation error.
* Fixed aes*-ctr with <= OpenSSL 0.9.7b.
* Fixed some documentation.
* Fixed exec example which has broken read usage.
* Fixed broken algorithm choice for server.
* Fixed a typo that we don't export all symbols.
* Removed the unneeded dependency to doxygen.
* Build examples only on the Linux plattform.
version 0.4.2 (released 2010-03-15)
* Added owner and group information in sftp attributes.
* Added missing SSH_OPTIONS_FD option.
* Added printout of owner and group in the sftp example.
* Added a prepend function for ssh_list.
* Added send back replies to openssh's keepalives.
* Fixed documentation in scp code
* Fixed longname parsing, this only workings with readdir.
* Fixed and added support for several identity files.
* Fixed sftp_parse_longname() on Windows.
* Fixed a race condition bug in ssh_scp_close()
* Remove config support for SSHv1 Cipher variable.
* Rename ssh_list_add to ssh_list_append.
* Rename ssh_list_get_head to ssh_list_pop_head
version 0.4.1 (released 2010-02-13)
* Added support for aes128-ctr, aes192-ctr and aes256-ctr encryption.
* Added an example for exec.
* Added private key type detection feature in privatekey_from_file().
* Fixed zlib compression fallback.
* Fixed kex bug that client preference should be prioritary
* Fixed known_hosts file set by the user.
* Fixed a memleak in channel_accept().
* Fixed underflow when leave_function() are unbalanced
* Fixed memory corruption in handle_channel_request_open().
* Fixed closing of a file handle case of errors in privatekey_from_file().
* Fixed ssh_get_user_home_dir() to be thread safe.
* Fixed the doxygen documentation.
version 0.4.0 (released 2009-12-10)
* Added scp support.
* Added support for sending signals (RFC 4254, section 6.9).
* Added MSVC support.
* Added support for ~/.ssh/config.
* Added sftp extension support.
* Added X11 forwarding support for client.
* Added forward listening.
* Added support for openssh extensions (statvfs, fstatvfs).
* Added a cleaned up interface for setting options.
* Added a generic way to handle sockets asynchronously.
* Added logging of the sftp flags used to open a file.
* Added full poll() support and poll-emulation for win32.
* Added missing 64bit functions in sftp.
* Added support for ~/ and SSH_DIR/ in filenames instead of %s/.
* Fixed Fix channel_get_exit_status bug.
* Fixed calltrace logging to make it optional.
* Fixed compilation on Solaris.
* Fixed resolving of ip addresses.
* Fixed libssh compilation without server support.
* Fixed possible memory corruptions (ticket #14).
version 0.3.4 (released 2009-09-14)
* Added ssh_basename and ssh_dirname.
* Added a portable ssh_mkdir function.
* Added a sftp_tell64() function.
* Added missing NULL pointer checks to crypt_set_algorithms_server.
* Fixed ssh_write_knownhost if ~/.ssh doesn't exist.
* Fixed a possible integer overflow in buffer_get_data().
* Fixed possible security bug in packet_decrypt().
* Fixed a possible stack overflow in agent code.
version 0.3.3 (released 2009-08-18)
* Fixed double free pointer crash in dsa_public_to_string.
* Fixed channel_get_exit_status bug.
* Fixed ssh_finalize which didn't clear the flag.
* Fixed memory leak introduced by previous bugfix.
* Fixed channel_poll broken when delayed EOF recvd.
* Fixed stupid "can't parse known host key" bug.
* Fixed possible memory corruption (ticket #14).
version 0.3.2 (released 2009-08-05)
* Added ssh_init() function.
* Added sftp_readlink() function.
* Added sftp_symlink() function.
* Fixed ssh_write_knownhost().
* Fixed compilation on Solaris.
* Fixed SSHv1 compilation.
version 0.3.1 (released 2009-07-14)
* Added return code SSH_SERVER_FILE_NOT_FOUND.
* Fixed compilation of SSHv1.
* Fixed several memory leaks.
* Fixed possible infinite loops.
* Fixed a possible crash bug.
* Fixed build warnings.
* Fixed cmake on BSD.
version 0.3.1 (released 2009-07-14)
* Added return code SSH_SERVER_FILE_NOT_FOUND.
* Fixed compilation of SSHv1.
* Fixed several memory leaks.
* Fixed possible infinite loops.
* Fixed a possible crash bug.
* Fixed build warnings.
* Fixed cmake on BSD.
version 0.3 (released 2009-05-21)
* Added support for ssh-agent authentication.
* Added POSIX like sftp implementation.
* Added error checking to all functions.
* Added const to arguments where it was needed.
* Added a channel_get_exit_status() function.
* Added a channel_read_buffer() function, channel_read() is now
a POSIX like function.
* Added a more generic auth callback function.
* Added printf attribute checking for log and error functions.
* Added runtime function tracer support.
* Added NSIS build support with CPack.
* Added openssh hashed host support.
* Added API documentation for all public functions.
* Added asynchronous SFTP read function.
* Added a ssh_bind_set_fd() function.
* Fixed known_hosts parsing.
* Fixed a lot of build warnings.
* Fixed the Windows build.
* Fixed a lot of memory leaks.
* Fixed a double free corruption in the server support.
* Fixed the "ssh_accept:" bug in server support.
* Fixed important channel bugs.
* Refactored the socket handling.
* Switched to CMake build system.
* Improved performance.
version 0.2 (released 2007-11-29)
* General cleanup
* More comprehensive API
* Up-to-date Doxygen documentation of each public function
* Basic server-based support
* Libgcrypt support (alternative to openssl and its license)
* SSH1 support (disabled by default)
* Added 3des-cbc
* A lot of bugfixes
version 0.11-dev
* Server implementation development.
* Small bug corrected when connecting to sun ssh servers.
* Channel wierdness corrected (writing huge data packets)
* Channel_read_nonblocking added
* Channel bug where stderr wasn't correctly read fixed.
* Added sftp_file_set_nonblocking(), which is nonblocking SFTP IO
* Connect_status callback.
* Priv.h contains the internal functions, libssh.h the public interface
* Options_set_timeout (thx marcelo) really working.
* Tcp tunneling through channel_open_forward.
* Channel_request_exec()
* Channel_request_env()
* Ssh_get_pubkey_hash()
* Ssh_is_server_known()
* Ssh_write_known_host()
* Options_set_ssh_dir
* How could this happen ! there weren't any channel_close !
* Nasty channel_free bug resolved.
* Removed the unsigned long all around the code. use only u8,u32 & u64.
* It now compiles and runs under amd64 !
* Channel_request_pty_size
* Channel_change_pty_size
* Options_copy()
* Ported the doc to an HTML file.
* Small bugfix in packet.c
* Prefixed error constants with SSH_
* Sftp_stat, sftp_lstat, sftp_fstat. thanks Michel Bardiaux for the patch.
* Again channel number mismatch fixed.
* Fixed a bug in ssh_select making the select fail when a signal has been
* Keyboard-interactive authentication working.
version 0.1 (released 2004-03-05)
* Begining of sftp subsystem implementation.
* Some cleanup into channels implementation
* Now every channel functions is called by its CHANNEL handler.
* Added channel_poll() and channel_read().
* Changed the client so it uses the new channel_poll and channel_read interface
* Small use-after-free bug with channels resolved
* Changed stupidities in lot of function names.
* Removed a debug output file opened by default.
* Added API.txt, the libssh programmer handbook.
* Various bug fixes from Nick Zitzmann.
* Developed a cryptographic structure for handling protocols.
* An autoconf script which took me half of a day to set up.
* A ssh_select wrapper has been written.
version 0.0.4 (released 2003-10-10)
* Some terminal code (eof handling) added
* Channels bugfix (it still needs some tweaking though)
* Zlib support
* Added a wrapper.c file. The goal is to provide a similar API to every
cryptographic functions. bignums and sha/md5 are wrapped now.
* More work than it first looks.
* Support for other crypto libs planed (lighter libs)
* Fixed stupid select() bug.
* Libssh now compiles and links with openssl 0.9.6
* RSA pubkey authentication code now works !
version 0.0.3 (released 2003-09-15)
* Added install target in makefile
* Some cleanup in headers files and source code
* Change default banner and project name to libssh.
* New file auth.c to support more and more authentication ways
* Bugfix(read offbyone) in send_kex
* A base64 parser. don't read the source, it's awful. pure 0xbadc0de.
* Changed the client filename to "ssh". logic isn't it ?
* Dss publickey authentication ! still need to wait for the rsa one
* Bugfix in packet.c
* New misc.c contains misc functions
version 0.0.2 (released 2003-09-03)
* Initial release.
* Client supports both ssh and dss hostkey verification, but doesn't compare them to openssh's files. (~/.ssh/known_hosts)
* The only supported authentication method is password.
* Compiles on linux and openbsd. freebsd and netbsd should work, too
* Lot of work which hasn't been discussed here.
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