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IE10: __proto__ in builtins/util.js and builtins/assert.js #254

ryukbk opened this Issue Dec 17, 2012 · 2 comments

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ryukbk commented Dec 17, 2012

proto, which is not supported on IE10, are used in builtins/util.js and builtins/assert.js. Please replace them with other implementation. Thanks in advance.


There's no need to replace use of __proto__ for IE10. Since both IE9 and IE10 implement EcmaScript 5 natively code that uses __proto__ is never executed in these browsers. For older IEs, Browserify uses the code taken from es5-shim project and setting up proto is required for those shim methods to work properly.

The only place where __proto__ code is executed in modern IEs is here on line 67 and this line is actually redundant since the prototype is being already set at line 29. __proto__ here just introduces another link to a prototype, and this isn't a big deal.


plus, builtins are handled by browser-resolve in v2

@substack substack closed this Feb 22, 2013
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