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A list for available Browserify modules? #365

jiyinyiyong opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Browserify can reuse many server-side modules in browsers,
but things like jQuery are not good tools at backend.
I'm not supposing to search for that with npm search color-picker | grep browserify.
So I think we need a list to mark all available Browserify modules.
Just like: and
Racher than:


You can use non-CommonJS modules with browserify via


@andreypopp Looks nice! It took me some minutes to understand how to use it.
If there's already a module, I would prefer that module, though.


Hmm, you could probably detect this statically, check whether a module uses http.createServer, etc or other core modules that are not available in a browser.


This feature would be good to have but is outside the scope of this particular repo.

@substack substack closed this
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