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Doc fix for Issue substack/node-browserify#161 #226

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Thanks for the pull request but aliases are gone in v2

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@@ -66,33 +66,11 @@ string `'process'`.
-Require a file or files for inclusion in the bundle.
+Require a file for inclusion in the bundle.
-If `file` is an array, require each element in it.
-If `file` is a non-array object, map an alias to a package name.
-For instance to be able to map `require('jquery')` to the jquery-browserify
-package, you can do:
-b.require({ jquery : 'jquery-browserify' })
-and the same thing in middleware-form:
-browserify({ require : { jquery : 'jquery-browserify' } })
-To mix alias objects with regular requires you could do:
-browserify({ require : [ 'seq', { jquery : 'jquery-browserify' }, 'traverse' ])
-In practice you won't need to `b.require()` very many files since all the
-`require()`s are read from each file that you require and automatically
+In practice you need to `b.require()` one (or very few) file(s) since the AST walk will
+recursively look for subsequent require() calls descendant from the starting point(s)
+you provide.
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