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list of transforms

Adnan Hajdarević edited this page · 68 revisions

Here is a list of browserify transforms:

You should also consult the packages on npm with the browserify-transform tag.

  • aliasify - remap require calls at build time.

  • babelify (formerly "6to5ify") - turn ES6+ code into readable vanilla ES5 with source maps

  • blissify - compile .html files written using bliss

  • brfs - inline fs.readFileSync() calls with file contents

  • browserify-css - transform for bundling, rebasing, inlining, and minifying CSS files

  • bulkify - bulk require whole directories into nested objects using globs

  • cacheify - wraps around other transforms, caching their results to speed up bundling.

  • caching-coffeeify - coffeeify version that caches previously compiled files to optimize the compilation step

  • cocoify - transform for coco, unfancy coffeescript

  • coffeeify - compile .coffee files to javascript automatically

  • coffee-reactify - compile .coffee and .cjsx files with CJSX (a superset of coffeescript used with the react UI library) to javascript

  • combynify - precompile combyne templates

  • commandify - executes a command whenever the bundle is created

  • configurify - evaluate dynamic expressions on the server and expose the result as static snapshot

  • browserify-compile-templates - require .html file snippets to precompile Underscore templates.

  • concatenify - concatenate files into a bundle

  • cssify - require .css files to add styles to the page

  • csvify - CSV and TSV transformations

  • deAMDify - translate AMD modules to Node-style modules automatically

  • debowerify - use bower client packages more easily with browserify.

  • decomponentify - use component client packages seamlessly with browserify.

  • detachkify - allow usage of absolute paths in require statements

  • envify - Selectively replace Node-style environment variables (process.env) with plain strings.

  • es6ify - compile ES6 files to ES5 javascript automatically

  • espowerify - Weave power-assert feature into test code.

  • exposify expose globals added via a script tag as modules so they can be required (used by browserify-shim)

  • extensify - require files other than .js without specifying the extension (e.g .jsx files)

  • falafelify Run your modules through falafel while bundling.

  • folderify - inline content of a directory imported using include-folder. Files content is inlined using brfs

  • gorillaify - compile .gs(gorillascript) files to javascript automatically

  • glslify - use npm modules in WebGL GLSL shaders

  • graspify - replace code via grasp

  • hbsfy - precompile handlebars templates to javascript functions automatically

  • html2js - Turn crummy HTML into beautiful Javascript: var myHtml = require('./my.html').

  • html-minifyify - Inline calls to html-minifier.

  • icsify - compile .iced IcedCoffeeScript files to javascript automatically

  • installify - automatically installs your missing dependencies for you.

  • browserify-istanbul - a transform for the istanbul code coverage tool

  • jadeify - include Jade files as compiled js templates.

  • jedify - transform po files to Jed instances.

  • jisonify - include Jison parsers in your project

  • jstify - require .jst/.tpl files to precompile Underscore and Lo-Dash templates (with HTML minification)

  • jstransformify - apply source to source AST transformations and generate source maps for them

  • lessify - LESS precompiler and CSS plugin

  • liveify - compile livescript files to javascript automatically

  • mithrilify - converting Mithril view templates based on msx

  • browserify-ng-html2js - compile angular templates into angular modules.

  • ngify - load HTML files into Angular's $templateCache and eliminate hard Angular dependency in JavaScript files by using annotations.

  • nunjucksify - precompile nunjucks templates.

  • partialify - require()-able HTML, CSS, JSON and (potentially) more

  • pathmodify - Rewrite (alias, map) require() calls to avoid ../ and ./ relative paths and still use programmatic transforms. Also dynamically control module exposure. (Actually a plugin, not a transform.)

  • phantomjsify - shim out node.js core for PhantomJS

  • pkgify - more efficient and extensive alternative to aliasify and remapify

  • pogoify - compile pogoscript files.

  • ractivate - pre-parse Ractive.js templates

  • reactify - compile JSX (superset of javascript used in react UI library) files to javascript

  • redirectify - redirect require statements during bundle() if specified override folder is found

  • require-globify - require many js files easily with globbing expressions

  • require-stylify - require styles(CSS, LESS, SASS) which are not inlined, but added to head via href, works with sourcemaps

  • rewireify - a port of Rewire that adds setter and getter methods to each module so that their behaviour can be modified for better unit testing.

  • rfileify - inline rfile(path) calls with file contents (also supports ruglify and any other rfile derivatives)

  • rfolderify - turn calls to rfolder into a map of requires of the files in the thing

  • riotify - pre-compile Riot.js templates

  • sassify - SASS precompiler and CSS handler. require the contents of (S)CSS files as a string and/or automatically inject them into a document at runtime by using the option --auto-inject.

  • browserify-shim - make commonJS-incompatible libraries/files browserifyable

  • shortify - rewrites require('./foo/../baz') to require('./../../foo/bar/../baz') or however defined per options

  • stringify - require() text files (templates) inside of your client-side JavaScript files.

  • stripify - strip console.log lines from your code

  • browserify-swap - swaps out modules according to a config in your package.json selected via an environment variable

  • sweetify - transform for loading and transforming code with Sweet.js macros

  • swigify - precompiles include and extends tags in swig templates

  • transfigurify - configure which transforms get applied to your package via an environment variable

  • turn - minimal modules for a hypothetical es6 with lua's return

  • typescriptifier - compile typescript files to javascript

  • unreachable-branch-transform - comments out unreachable code branches in if statements, ternaries ?, and logical operations || &&

  • browserify-versionify - Browserify transform to replace placeholder with package version

  • viralify - injects browserify transforms into specified dependencies of a package recursively

  • yamlify - YAML support for browserify and node.js

  • requirish - tool for avoiding the ../../../ relative paths problem and includes a browserify-transform to rewrites require() for browser

  • varify - converts all const assignments to var assignments.

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