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Walking increases callstack #2

epeli opened this Issue · 7 comments

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If you walk enough big directory tree, node-findit will throw "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded" exception.


Issue still exists.


It happened to me too

Error raising when it reach 10220-th item


Also happens with node v0.7.8 on windows 7 64 bit and this hack applied:


This is really a showstopper. Unless you know that your tree is small, you can't risk using findit, unfortunately. It actually doesn't take that big a tree to blow it up since so much is on the stack.


my package does not have this issue i would love to see if it solves your problem. npm install walkdir. it provides the same interface as findit, is faster, and the callstack doesn't keep growing.


Just ran into this issue. Any updates?


I switched to using @soldair's node-walkdir instead. Same API, and it works beautifully, even for large trees.

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