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node: No such file or directory #2

aratak opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Alexey Osipenko Christopher Joel James Halliday
Alexey Osipenko

Using GUI for git (GitX on screenshot or Github), i've seen the error:

But commits from console are passed in anyway.

Node installed by homebrew

I can't imagine correct solution.

Christopher Joel

I'm having a similar problem on the command line. I know in my scenario Node is installed in an atypical location, which is added to my path via a line in .bashrc. Perhaps this is related?

James Halliday

git-emit uses /usr/bin/env node so as long as node is in $PATH everything should be fine. Perhaps $PATH isn't getting set correctly in the context that you're running git-emit?

Christopher Joel

Yeah, that seems to be what is going on; it seems as though my .bashrc isn't sourced in the server's environment when I push from an external location. I'll post back here if I figure out how to resolve this.

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