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Input is printed as well as obfuscation #4

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On my machine (Ubuntu 12.04, 64-bit desktop), since Node v0.6.0 this code:

process.stderr.write('Passphrase: ');
pw('*', process.stdin, process.stderr, callback);

Makes this happen:

Passphrase: s*o*m*e*t*h*i*n*g*

On Node 0.4.12, only the asterisks are printed.


This is super strange! On my machine (also ubuntu) with both node 0.6 and 0.8 the same code only prints *s.


Sorry, turns out this a side effect of me also starting a readline session at the same time. I can probably confine that to the code path it's needed in, which is separate from the password prompt path.

@jcoglan jcoglan closed this

This fixes my problem. jcoglan/vault@de686e7

Not sure if this is a problem with pw or not, i.e. whether it should know how not to conflict with readline. I'll leave that up to you.

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