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I'm using Seq to handle ordered queries to my DB (using generic-pool), so I need to close the DB's client once I'm done, but if there is an error somewhere along the line it doesn't get closed (well it does if I close in the catch, but then I need to close in both the catch and the final seq command). So I realized that what I needed was a "finally" command.

 connector.acquire( function (err, client) {
     Seq( )
         .seq( function ( ) {
             client.query( 'CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS ?', options.database, this );
         .seq( function ( ) {
             var query = 'CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS MYTABLE ( ... )';
             client.query( query, this );
        .catch( function ( err ) {
            console.log('error', err);
        .finally( function ( ) {

I began implementing it but wasn't sure if there might already be someway to handle this sort of situation.


submitted a pull request

yasuoza commented Mar 17, 2012

In this case and maybe a lot of cases, it is useful when error is detected, catch terminates the chain.
How do you think?

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