A hookable ssh server for node.js using libssh
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Create ssh servers in node.js!


This module has all kinds of problems since the node.js thread pool does not play nicely with libssh.


simple echo shell

var ssh = require('ssh');

ssh.createServer(function (session) {
    session.on('password', function (user, pass, cb) {
        cb(user === 'foo' && pass === 'bar');
    session.on('shell', function (sh) {
        sh.pipe(sh); // echo on


You'll need a version of libssh with my patches:

git clone git://github.com/substack/libssh.git master
cd libssh && mkdir build && cd build
make && make install

That should install libssh.pc, which is used by pkg-config during the wscript installation. Make sure libssh.pc got installed into your $PKG_CONFIG_PATH someplace.

You can then install with npm:

npm install ssh