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Hi James, sorry I'm not terribly fluent in github yet, but I'm working on it! So I'm sending a pull request, which I presume gives you the chance to pull these changes to your own branch? Might be a good idea anyways, since your repo actually comes up first in google searches, and might also be linked from Code for Oakland, so it would be nice to have up to date.

flyswatter and others added some commits Jul 22, 2012
@flyswatter flyswatter Styled up d1136f5
@flyswatter flyswatter Created front page 73cb9ec
@flyswatter flyswatter Added order of operations page back into repo. f07537c
@flyswatter flyswatter Linked oop to new front page. 5e1b22a
@flyswatter flyswatter Added students' latest work. 5eaa62c
@flyswatter flyswatter Added an exclaimation Mark
I'm really just trying out GitHub's GUI for Windows.  I know, that's
filthy.  I feel like a bad man.  A sith lord.  Looking for the easy way
out.  I honestly do want to know why the command line is superior, but
in the meanwhile, this seems like a powerful way to convey what is
happening to my students, so why shouldn't I?  Can you tell me that?
Thank you.
@flyswatter flyswatter fixed absolute values page f5a8451
@flyswatter flyswatter Merge pull request #1 from briidragon073/master
Omar got the absolute value solving algorithm to convert pipes (|) into the Javascript Math.abs() function for evaluating.
@dochackedU dochackedU Merge pull request #1 from flyswatter/master
want to make a button
Samanni Added top menu with login and signup buttons 25b54a6
@flyswatter flyswatter Merge pull request #2 from dochackedU/master
Getting doc's latest top-bar for logging in on the front page.
Samanni made buttons hover nd active 239ffd3
@flyswatter flyswatter Merge pull request #3 from dochackedU/master
made button active and hover
Flyswatter Fixed front page menu. 5f65d1a
Flyswatter Added login pop-up box example for kids to emulate to make sign up bo…
…x work.
@flyswatter flyswatter i add a sign up form
@flyswatter flyswatter Merge pull request #4 from Phillyboi/master
Grabbing the register pop-up.
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