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generate an array of geohashes that completely contain a polygon
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Generate an array of geohashes that completely contains a polygon.

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var polyhash = require('polyhash');
var polygon = [
    [ 37.96, -122.45 ],
    [ 37.95, -122.90 ],
    [ 38.21, -122.62 ]
var hashes = polyhash(polygon, 4);

[ '9q8x', '9q8z', '9qb8', '9qbb' ]


var polyhash = require('polyhash')

polyhash(polygon, level)

Return an array of geohashes that completely contains the array of points described by polygon.

Points are of the form [ lat, lon ].

The level provided is the maximum hash resolution which is also the maximum string length of the geohash entries.

At the maximum geohash resolution level, hashes that are partially intersected will be counted. All other levels recurse down to sublevels until a completely contained hash is found.


With npm do:

npm install polyhash



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