cascading multi-server git deployment
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Cascading multi-server git deployment.

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First start up a hub server to listen for git deploys:

$ propagit hub --port=6000 --secret=beepboop
control service listening on :6000
git service listening on :6001

then spin up as many drones as necessary on other machines with the command to run on deployment for each type of service:

$ propagit drone --hub=hubhost:6000 --secret=beepboop

Now you can git push to the hub and the drones will git fetch from the hub. Just do:

$ cd ~/projects/somerepo
$ git push http://hubhost:6001/somerepo master

First deploy the code to a fresh deploy directory for the given repo name and commit hash:

$ propagit deploy --hub=hubhost:6000 --secret=beepboop \
  somerepo ed56c6e85731d412fe22cf437cb63130afc34b07

then spawn processes for that deployment:

$ propagit spawn --hub=hubhost:6000 --secret=beepboop \
  somerepo ed56c6e85731d412fe22cf437cb63130afc34b07 \
  -- node server.js 8085


  propagit OPTIONS hub

    Create a server to coordinate drones.

    --port       port to listen on
    --secret     password to use
    --basedir    directory to put repositories

  propagit OPTIONS drone

    Listen to the hub for deploy events to execute commands with
    environment variables $REPO and $COMMIT set on each deploy.
    --hub        connect to the hub host:port
    --secret     password to use
    --basedir    directory to put repositories and deploys in
  propagit OPTIONS deploy REPO COMMIT
    Deploy COMMIT to all of the drones listening to the hub.

    --hub        connect to the hub host:port
    --secret     password to use
  propagit OPTIONS spawn REPO COMMIT [COMMAND...]
    Run COMMAND on all the drones specified by OPTIONS.
    $PROCESS_ID and $DRONE_ID will be set for every spawned process.
    Note that $PROCESS_ID is not the system PID value.

  propagit OPTIONS ps
    List all the running processes on all the drones.


var propagit = require('propagit')

var p = propagit(opts)

Create a new propagit object with opts:

  • secret - authenticate with this passphrase
  • hub - if specified, connect to this hub


Register with the connected hub as a drone.

p.listen(controlPort, gitPort)

Create a new hub on controlPort and start a git http server on gitPort.


Modify the dnode server or client service with fn(service).

In server mode the fn also gets a conn object: fn(service, conn).


With npm do:

npm install -g propagit