Test hangs due to ".git" extension on git url #2

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I'm not sure if this makes any sense, but it's what I had to do to get the tests to not time out. I'm running git version on Ubuntu 12.04, Node v0.6.19. Otherwise, deploy fails with:

{ message: 'git fetch exited with error code 128',
    command: 'fetch',
    drone: 'eaa42855',
    code: 128,
    signal: null }

I think it's trying to fetch from localhost:55156/webapp instead of localhost:55156/webapp.git etc.

The readme uses git push http://hubhost:6001/somerepo so I assume that's the preferred url, but should somerepo.git also be supported (and normalized)?

Not sure why travis passed or why the fleet tests seem to pass regardless?


Any status update on this?


I'm having problems going the other way around - I push to a non .git url then the drone tries to pull from a .git url and gets an error

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