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fleet demo I gave at rackspace 2012-02-29

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To get this running with fleet first do:

$ npm install -g fleet
$ npm install .
$ git add node_modules
$ git commit -m'check in node modules'

Then fire up a fleet hub:

$ mkdir -p /tmp/fleet/hub; cd /tmp/fleet/hub
$ fleet hub --port=7000 --secret=beepboop

and one or more fleet drones:

$ mkdir -p /tmp/fleet/drone0; cd /tmp/fleet/drone0
$ fleet drone --hub=localhost:7000 --secret=beepboop

now from the git directory set up a remote:

$ fleet remote add default --hub=localhost:7000 --secret=beepboop

then deploy your code:

$ fleet deploy

and spawn the processes!

$ fleet spawn -- node web.js 8085
$ fleet spawn -- node auth.js 8090

Super great!

List the processes with:

$ fleet ps
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