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@@ -100,10 +100,10 @@ All the parameters that take a `role` parameter can be intelligently versioned
with [semvers]( by specifying a version in
the `role` parameter after an `'@'` character.
-var ports = seaport(env).connect(...)
+var ports = seaport.connect(...)
-Connect to the seaport service at `...` under the environment `env`.
+Connect to the seaport service at `...`.
ports.get(role, cb)
@@ -142,11 +142,10 @@ ports.assume(role, port, cb)
Dictate to the server what port you are listening on.
This is useful for re-establishing a route without restarting the server.
-ports.query(env, role, cb)
+ports.query(role, cb)
-Get the services in the environment `env` that satisfy the role `role` in
+Get the services that satisfy the role `role` in `cb(services)`.
Services are just objects that look like: `{ host : '', port : 5678 }`.

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