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On reconnect loses reference to net socket #51

nickpoorman opened this Issue · 0 comments

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After a reconnect() seaport loses the reference to the net socket, which makes it impossible to do a close().

I think what you want below on line 46 is:

c =, hubs[conIx].port, hubs[conIx].host);


var c =, hubs[conIx].port, hubs[conIx].host);

    var c = (function reconnect () {
        if (s.closed) return;

        var hubs = [ { port : port, host : host } ].concat(s.query('seaport'));
        if (hubs.length <= conIx) conIx = hubs.length - 1;
 ==>    c =, hubs[conIx].port, hubs[conIx].host);
        conIx = (conIx + 1) % hubs.length;

        var active = true;

        c.on('connect', s.emit.bind(s, 'connect'));

        c.on('end', onend);
        c.on('error', onend);
        c.on('close', onend);

        var stream = s.createStream();


        stream.on('synced', s.emit.bind(s, 'synced'));

        return c;

        function onend () {
            if (s.closed) return;
            if (!active) return;
            active = false;
            setTimeout(reconnect, 1000);

    s.on('close', function () {
        if (c) c.end();

    return s;
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fixes #51 #52

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