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make shallow copies of objects and arrays
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make a shallow copy of an object or array

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you can copy objects shallowly:

var copy = require('shallow-copy');

var obj = { a: 3, b: 4, c: [5,6] };
var dup = copy(obj);
dup.b *= 111;

console.log('original: ', obj);
console.log('copy: ', dup);

and you can copy arrays shallowly:

var copy = require('shallow-copy');

var xs = [ 3, 4, 5, { f: 6, g: 7 } ];
var dup = copy(xs);
dup.unshift(1, 2);
dup[5].g += 100;

console.log('original: ', xs);
console.log('copy: ', dup);


var copy = require('shallow-copy')


Return a copy of the enumerable properties of the object obj without making copies of nested objects inside of obj.

If obj is an array, the result will be an array. If obj is an object, the result will be an object. If obj is not an object, its value is returned.


With npm do:

npm install shallow-copy



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