Use Cases

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  • create a virtual network and let the hackers hack it. then analyze what happened. would be a nice demo.

hacker contests

  • ctf


  • show how routing, networking works

software testing, web design testing

  • test software across various windows systems
  • test web design across various platforms and browsers
  • use stackvm to demo software to users before they buy it
  • (added by bgs100) use stackvm on bug reports/with a bug tracker; the reporter could set up a VM with the software and configuration that exposed the bug, and developers could check the configuration in the VM and mess around with the VM

automate various tasts on a vm with an api

  • for example, vm(‘linux’).run(‘/usr/bin/firefox’).app_click(‘addressbar’).sendtext(‘\n’)
  • or vm(‘linux’).move_mouse(sin(t), cos(t), [screen.width/2, screen.height/2], [-100, 100])

remote gaming

  • For instance, Heroes of Might and Magic III on a VM, being shared amongst all the players remotely.

disaster recovery

  • automatic offsite backups of vms from a local stackvm instance
  • ability to keep working relatively uninterrupted when servers fail by switching to remotely hosted instances