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@@ -13,6 +13,32 @@ another way. This is the way of IO also."
+Streams come to us from the earliest days of unix and have proven themselves
+over the decades as a dependable way to compose large systems out of small
+components that
+[do one thing well](
+In unix, streams are implemented by the shell with `|` pipes.
+In node, the built-in
+[stream module](
+is used by the core libraries and easily be used by user-land code.
+Similar to unix, the node stream module's primary composition operator is called
+Streams can be useful because they restrict the implementation surface area into
+a single consistent interface.
+You can then easily plug the output of one stream to the input of another and
+[use libraries]( that operate abstractly on streams to
+institute higher-level flow control.
+Streams are an important component of
+[small-program design](
+and [unix philosophy](
+but there are many other important abstractions worth considering.
+Just remember that [technical debt](
+is the enemy and seek the best abstractions for the problem at hand.
# basics
## readable
@@ -27,6 +53,8 @@ another way. This is the way of IO also."
# builtin streams
+## child_process.spawn()
## fs.createReadStream()
## fs.createWriteStream()

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