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0.8 vs 0.9 #4

Raynos opened this Issue Sep 17, 2012 · 0 comments

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Raynos commented Sep 17, 2012

Recently I've been rewriting my streaming modules to comply to the readable-stream interface.

Because modules I use are now new style readable I want to be a comfortable bubble where all streams I use comply to the new readable interface.

Because of this I've stopped using a whole bunch of existing streaming modules and would rather rewrite them to be based on 0.9 then use them.

How do we handle this conflict / description in the stream handbook. As it's going to be confusing that you can't cleanly mix and match these style streams as when you turn a 0.9 stream into a 0.8 stream you can no longer call read and that is weird.

What's more weird is not knowing whether any stream is 0.8 style or 0.9 style.

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